Shetland Pony Owners & Breeders
National In hand Awards

RESULTS 2006 Winners & runners up scores are equal, number of RING Championships decider.

Breeders Cup
CHAMPLERS STUD: 229 points

Runner up 2006 Standard
Oxendale Stud
178 points

3rd Transy Stud 177 points

Breeders Cup
BUXTED STUD: 263 points

Runner up 2006 Miniatures
Parlington Stud
157 points

3rd Pinglewood Stud 138


Eynhallow Blackjack
owned by MR & Mrs J Hodgson
60 points
Cumberland 1st & Ch. Northern Horse 1st & Ch
Hawkshead 1st & Ch. Garstang 1st & Res. Appleby 1st & Res. Westmorland 1st & Res.

Runner up =
Kinkell Guardsman (J Barry) 60 points
Kirksiide Mortimer (J & S Hobden) 60 pts


Eiger Charlie
owned by Frank Hodder Esq
57 points
1st at- Devon, SE Group, Chard, Wessex, Edenbridge, 2nd at S.W Group

Runner up~
Pinglewood Puzzle
owned by Miss Brenda Twining
50 points


Ajax of Transy
owned by the Transy Partnership
60 points
1st at- RHAS, RHAS St Johns Wells, Perth, Kinross, Central group, Scottish Ch/ship show

Runner up
Birchmoor Aristocrat
owned by the Barugh Family
47 points


Abbotford Picard
owned by Amanda Hessey
25 points
1st at - Lionhearts (Buckhurst) Newbury
3rd E Anglian Native


Langa Edwin (Jun Gelding)
owned by Julie Walker
1st at, Yorkshire Shetland, Gargrave
3rd at Durham, Arthington.


Ardenbeag Casanova
owned by Gilian McIntosh
37 points
1st at - Neilston, Ayr, Central Scotland.
2nd at - Kitochside HH

Runner up
Cranford Emperor
owned by Maria Sansom
32 points


Parlington Maria
owned by D Johnston & W Plews
60 points
1st at - North of Eng., Cumberland, Appleby, Wensleydale, Westmorland, Bowes.

Runner up
Buxted Evangeline
owned by Mr && Mrs R Jones
27 points


Champagne of Transy
owned by The Transy stud
54 points (single mare's winning result)
1st at- NPS, Doune & Dunblane, Perth, Kinross.
2nd Central group, Scottish ch/ship show.


Oxendale Jennie & Juanita
owned by Mr J D Kay
60 points (combined result of 2 mares)
(Juanita) 1st at NW & Borders, Gilsland
(Jennie) 1st at- North of England, Royal Lancs, Lunesdale, Hawkshead.


Schivas Pepsi
owned by Julian Walters Esq
60 points
1st at- Devon, Bath & West, Royal Cornwall, Three Counties, Wessex(Aug) Performance Show

Runner up
Exhibit of Transy
owned by The Transy Partnership
60 points


Lexus Daphne
owned by Lorna Jamieson
60 points
1st at - Nat Stallion show, Neilston, Ayr, Kittochside HH, Dumfries, Scottish C/ship

Runner up
Buxted Elegance
owned by Mr & Mrs R D Jones
48 points


Waulkmill Redstart
owned by Alison Bromwich
57 points
1st at- Midland Counties, East Anglian native, ILPH, Performance show, Royal Norfolk.
2nd at- Anglian Group.


Parlington Quentin
owned by D Johnston & W Plews
57 points
1st at - Yorkshire Group, North of Eng., Cumberland County, Sedgefield, SPSBS Breed.
2nd at - Westmorland County.

Runner up
Romany Santos
Owned by Highedge Stud
29 points


Birchmoor Velvet
Owned by the Barugh Family
60 points.
1st at, Durham, Arthington, Tockwith, Appleby, SPSBS Breed Show, Wolsingham.

Runner up =
Champlers Vesta
(Pickett & Sargeant) 60 points
Lotuspoint Three times a Lady
(Mr&Mrs J Hodgson) 60pts


Hartside Spirit
owned by Mrs L Jamieson
60 points
1st at - Neilston, Ayr, NW & Borders,
Kittochside HH, Dumfries, Scottish ch/ship Show.

Runner up
Parlington Quinto
owned by D Johnston & W Plews
25 points


Champlers Rosestar (2 year old Colt)
owned by Mesd. Pickett & Sargeant
41 points
1st at Lionhearts Spring, Lionhearts Crofton. 2nd at Breed Show, Southern (Finkley),  Newbury

Runner up
Beech of Transy
owned by Transy Partnership
35 points


Pinglewood Tobermory
owned by Brenda Twining
49 points
1st at - Oldcotes, Ashby de la Zouche,
All miniature breeds,
2nd Market Bosworth, Moorgreen.
3rd SPSBS Breed Show.

Avomlie Exclusive
owned by Mr & Mrs T Sapak
45 points
1st at Wilton Hunt.
2nd at- Lionhearts spring, Bath & West, SW Group, Wessex Group(Aug), Southern ((Finkley)

Runner up
Cranford Tableau
owned by K Whitmee
44 points



Buxted Beaujolais
owned by Mr & Mrs R Rogers
47 points.
1st at- Southern spring, Lionhearts (Crofton)
Lionhearts (Buckhurst)
2nd NPS Area 20.
3rd Sussex Show, Romsey.

Runner up
Parlington Rosamund
owned by D Johnston & W Plews
26 points


Mawcarse Earl
owned by Janet Murray
54 points
1st at, Angus, NPS, Central Scotland, Scottish ch/ship, 2nd at SPSBS Breed Show, Cent&W Fife

Runner up
Cranford Victory
owned by Mrs D Barr
49 points


Smithycroft Dollar
owned by Janet Murray
51 points
1st at - Kiltoch Heavy Horse, Central Scotland, Scottish h/ship.
2nd at- SPSBS Breed Show, Angus, Perth

Runner up
Buxted Electore
owned by Mrs P Hopkins
51 points


Lotuspoint Chloe
owned by Mr & Mrs J Hodgson
57 points
1st at, Cumberand, North of England, Gt Eccleston,
Appleby, Trawden. 2nd at Lunesdale

Runner up
Gamon Charlotte
owned by R Gammond
37 points


Southfieldgate Camilla
owned by J Smith
47 points
1st at - Newport, Oldcotes, All Miniature, Yorkshire Spring show.
2nd at- Shetland Performance show.

Runner up
Parlington Sophie
owned by D Johnston & W Plews
40 points


Birchmoor Drover
owned by the Barugh Family
55 points
1st at Oldcotes, Northern Horse, Durham County,Tockwith, NPS Area 4.
3rd at SPSBS Breed Show

= Runners up
Oxendale Jubilant (J D Kay Esq) 51 points
Chablis of Transy
(Transy Partnership) 51 pts


Parlington Talullah
owned by D Johnston & Wilf Plews
34 points
1st at - Bowes
2nd at - North of England, Cumberland.
3rd at - Sedgefield, SPSBS Breed Show

Runners up =  Buxted Evangelist
owned by Mr & Mrs R. Jones
Pinglewood Chloe
owned by Brenda Twining
30 points


Maid Marion of Quimper
owned by Miss P Price
54 points
1st at- Surrey, NPS 20, Southern (Finkley), Lionhearts Midsummer.
2nd at SE Group, NPS Malvern


Eastlands Daylight
owned by the Barugh Family
60 points
1st at, Oldcotes, Lanchester, Arthington, Sedgefield, SPSBS Breed Show, NPS Area 4

Starfire Jazz
owned by Mr & Mrs Q Hedley
47 points
1st at- Southern (Finkley), New Forest, Wilton Hunt, Newbury. 2nd Southern Spring.