Shetland Pony Owners & Breeders National In-hand Awards
Congratulations to all!
Winners & Runners up in the 2004 competition

                   Winners                                 Runners up

Standard Foal............ Langa Estelle 49pts (Mrs Headen)
Lanchest 1st
Cumberland County 1st
Bowes 1st
Durham County 2nd
Egglestyon 2nd
Wolsingham 3rd
Struie Darius 44pts (Mrs C Marshall)
Highland Show 1st
Perth 2nd
Kinross 1st
Central Scotland Group 1st
Scottish Chship 2nd
Standard Yearling Colt..
Oxendale Benjie 49pts (J.Walker)
Northern Horse Show 1st & Jun Ch
Lanchester Show 1st & Res Jun Ch
Bowes 1st & Res Jun Ch
Sedgefield 2nd
Gargrave 2nd
Durham 3rd

wmillredstart.jpg (3037 bytes)
Waulkmill Redstart 47 (Alison Bromwich)

2004 Society Breed Show (Bicton)+ 1st, res jun ch.

ILPH Snetterton 1st
Highlands & Islands Show 1st
East Anglian Group 1st & Jun Ch.
Newbury 2nd

Standard Yearling Filly EDERN CARNASIWN.jpg (3467 bytes)
Edern Carnasiwn 60pts (Mrs L Wheatley)
Oldcotes Show 1st & Res.Jnr.Ch.   
Honley  1st Yearling.  .Res.Jnr.Ch. 
Royal Lancs 1st & res Jun Ch.
Appleby 1st
Gargrave 1st & Jun Ch.
Moorgreen 1st & Jun Ch.
clayisla.jpg (3769 bytes)
Claylands Princess Isla 60 (M. Arden & S. Nadine)
Bath & West 1st
Midlands County Uttoxeter 1st
Derby County
Shropshire and West Mids 1st
Anglesey 1st & Jun Ch.

Breed Show (Devon) 1st
Standard 2-3 Y/Old Colt starfirefirecr.jpg (3084 bytes)
Starfire Firecracker   44 pts   (W Hedley)
Southern Group 1st
Dorset 1st
Royal Windsor 2nd
Smallholders 1st
South East Group 2nd
vitality.jpg (3067 bytes)
Highwood Vitality 30pts (Mr & Mrs R G Turvill)

Smallholders (Ardingly) 1st & Jun Ch.

Southern Group 3rd
Sussex 3rd
Breed Show 3rd
Newbury 3rd
Standard 2 Y/Old Filly ligjollity.jpg (2484 bytes)
Lignite Jollity 57 pts (L Jamieson)
Ayr Show 1st, Jun Ch. & Res Overall
Cumberland Show 1st, Jun Ch. & Res Overall
Dumfries Show 1st, Jun Ch.
Central Scotland 1st, Jun Ch.
Eggleston Show 1st, Jun Ch.
Gilsland 2nd
jubilee.jpg (3225 bytes)
Waulkmill Jubilea 54 pts (Mr K Whitmee)
Uckfield & District 1st & Jun Ch.

Heathfield 1st 1,2,3 yr old. Res overall Jun Ch.
South of England (Ardingly) 1st
Edenbridge & Oxted 1st
Hillside 2nd & Res Jun. Ch.
Smallholders Adingly 2nd
Standard 3 Y/Old Filly Struie Dena 54 pts (Mrs C Marshall)
Perth Stallion Show 1st & Jun
Fife 2nd overall Ch
Central fife 2nd
Perth 1st & Jun Ch
Central Group Show 1st Jun & Res overall
Scottish CH/ship show 1st Jun & Res
Kinkell Elegance 32 pts (Mrs J Barry)
Central & West Fife 1st & Jun Ch.

NPS Scotland 2nd
Northern Scotland Group 3rd
Black Isle 3rd
Scottish Ch/ship 3rd
Mare 4 to 8 yrs........... bincendora.jpg (3167 bytes)
Bincombe Endora 47 pts (Mrs C House)
Royal Windsor, 1st & Ch.
New Forest Show 1st & Ch
Wessex Group Show 1st & Ch.
NPS (Malvern) 1st & Res Ch. Res Ch Silver Medal
Swansea 2nd
champ rosbud.jpg (3436 bytes)
Champlers Rosebud 45pts (Mesd Pickett & Sargeant)
S. of Eng. (Ardingly) 1st, Standard Ch & Res.overall
2nd at Hillside
Bath & West
The Royal
Sussex Show
Breed Show
Mare 9 Years & Over........ jilly.jpg (3197 bytes)
Oxendale Jilly 60 pts (Mr J. D. Kay)

Cumberland County 1st & Shetland Ch.
Royal Lancashire 1st & Champion
Lunesdale Show 1st & Ch.
Appleby 1st & Ch
Sedgefield Show 1st & Ch.
Bowes 1st & Ch
claycrystal.jpg (4105 bytes)
Claylands Crystal 52pts (M. Arden & S. Nadine)
Cheshire County 1st & Overall Ch.
Derby County
1st & Ch.
Newport 1st & Res Ch.
Minsterley 1st & res Ch.
Shrops & W Midlands 2nd & res Ch.
Anglesey 3rd
Mare with Foal at Foot Stranduff Astarr 50pts (Mrs Headen)
Lanchester 1st
Durham County 1st & Res Ch
Bowes 1st
Eggleston 1st
Cumberland 3rd
Wolsingham 3rd
Struie Dalma 44pts (Mrs C Marshall)
Highland Show 2nd
Perth 1st
Kinross 1st
Centrall Scotland Group 1st
Scottish Ch/ship 2nd
Gelding Any Age....... ernie.jpg (2723 bytes)
Dryknowl Ennar 60pts ( L Buchanan-Jackson)

Southern Group Spring Show 1st, Res standard Ch.
Hillside Shetland Show 1st gelding (HP 2nd)
Uckfield & District 1st Gelding (HP 3rd)
Heathfield. 1st Gelding (HP 3rd)
S. of England (Ardingly) 1st gelding (HP 2nd) Res Ch
Shetland Perfomance Awards Show 2nd. Res. Sup.

aristocrat.jpg (3133 bytes)
Birchmoor Aristocrat 40pts (Barugh Family)
Leics County Mare/Gelding 1st. Ch. and Res M&M
Oldcotes. 1st gelding 4 yrs & over. Best gelding
Northern Horse Show 1st gelding (HP 2nd)
Sussex Shetland Show 1st

Stallion 4 years & Over birchmulb.jpg (3060 bytes)
Birchmoor Mulberry 60pts (Mr & Mrs Joyner)
Newark and Notts 1st
Staffordshire County 1st, Ch, Sup. M&M
Midland Shetland & Native pony 1st & Res Ch
The Royal Show 1st & Ch.
Shetland Performance Show 1st. and Champion
NPS Malvern1st, Ch. & Res M&M

kirk mortimer.jpg (3228 bytes)
Kirkside Mortimer 55pts (Julie Walker)
Northern Horse Show  1st and Ch
Lanchester  1st
Durham County 1st and Ch.
Cleveland County 1st
Gargrave 1st
Wolsingham 3
Breeders Cup


285 pts Peter & Leonie Sellars



261 pts. Pickett & Sargeant


Miniatures Results Below

explorer.jpg (3161 bytes)
Buxted Explorer 42 pts (Mr & Mrs R Jones)
Southern Group Finkley Down 1st
South East Group (Buckhurst) 1st
Newbury 2nd
SPSBS  Breed Show 3rd
Smallholders Ardingly 1st
diddycoy.jpg (3384 bytes)
Highedge Diddicoy 27pts (J Needham)
Midlands Shetland & Native 1st & foal Ch
Moorgreen Show 1st
All miniature Breeds 2nd
Yearling Colt.........
ylingcoltparlquentin.jpg (2825 bytes)
Parlington Quentin 60pts
(D Johnston & W Plews)
Yorkshire Group Spring Show. 1st & Jun min Ch.
Appleby 1st
Reeth 1st & Res Jun Ch
Westmorland County 1st
Bowes 1st & Res Jun Ch.
Eggleston 1st
No submitted result
Yearling Filly.............
paquebucsm.jpg (3699 bytes)
Cranford Paque Juive 51pts (K Whitmee)
Herts County 1st- 1,2,3 year old
South of England (Ardingly) 1st
South East Group (Buckhurst)
1st & Res Jun Ch.
Hillside at Berwick 2nd
Uckfield & District RC. 2nd
Newbury 2nd
butterstorgussie.jpg (3441 bytes)
Butterstor Gussie 34 (J Needham)
Ashby de la Zouche 1st

Midlands Shetland & Native 1st
Crowland 2nd & res Jun
Market Bosworth 2nd
2-3 Year Old Colt...........
bywaysmuskit.jpg (3450 bytes)
Byways Muskit 45 pts (P Cooper)
Dorset Shetland Show 3rd
Southern Group Spring Show 1st
Southern Group Finkley Down 1st
South East Group Buckhurst 1st
Sussex Shetland Show. 1st
laurence.jpg (2703 bytes)
Balmedie Laurence 44pts Mr & Mrs C Wady
Heathfield 1st & Overall Ch.
S E Group Buckhurst 2nd
Smallholders Ardingly 2nd
Sussex 1st & Jun Ch
Edenbridge 1st
2 Year Old Filly.......
Eiger Emily 38 pts (F Hodder)
Midland Shetland & Native 2nd
Southern Group 2nd
South East Group 2nd
Sussex Show 2nd
S West Group 3rd
Wessex Group 3rd
emily.jpg (3212 bytes)
Cranford Emily 35pts (Mrs M Ball)
Hillside Show (Berwick) 1st, Jun Ch, overall Mini Ch
South of England (Ardingly) 1st
Southern Group 3rd
Sussex 3rd
Newbury 3rd
3 Year Old Filly .................
helzadhopper.jpg (2789 bytes)
Helza Delilah 45 pts (E Howe & J Hecks)
Southern Spring Ower 1st & res Jun Ch.
Uckfield & District
1st & res Jun Ch.
Finkley Down 1st
South East Buckhurst 3rd
Kent County 1st
Best mini
Eiger Dainty 15pts (Mr F Hodder)
East Anglian Group 1st & Res Jun Ch.
Wayland Show 3rd
Mare with Foal at foot....
buxevang.jpg (3173 bytes)
Buxted Evangeline 42 pts (Mr & Mrs R Jones)
Southern Group F- Down 1st & min Ch. Overall Res
Smallholders Ardingly 1st & Min Ch and Overall CH
South East Group (Buckhurst) 1st &Ch.
SPSBS Breed Show 3rd
Newbury 2nd
Southfieldgate Carly 20pts (J Needham)
Midland Shetland & Native 1st
All mini breeds Doncaster 1st & Res
Miniature Mare ........ liglexdaph.jpg (2929 bytes)
Lexus Daphne 57 pts (L Jamieson)
Ayr 1st
Dumfries 1st
Res Mini Ch.
Gilsland 1st
& Min Ch
Central Scotland 1st
& Min Ch.
Scottish Ch/Ship 1st
& Res Min Ch.

Eggleston 2nd
eigbonnie.jpg (2705 bytes)
Eiger Bonnie 54 pts (F Hodder)
South of England (Ardingly) 1st res. min Ch
Wesex Group Show
1st. Res. Min Ch
The Royal Show 1st & Res. res.
2004 Society Breed Show 1st
Sussex Show 2nd & res ch
Newbury 2nd
Gelding Any Age...........
Buxted Ember 40pts (D Bryce)
Highest placed gelding at
Hillside (3rd) HP 10 pts
Uckfield & District HP 10
Smallholders (2nd) HP 10
South East GroupHP 10
Starfire Gilton Briar 30pts (Mrs S Cronnelly)
Stallion 4 years & Over.....
eigmag.jpg (2902 bytes)
Kerswell Magnet 60pts (F Hodder)
Devon County 1st Min Stallion & Res Overall
South of England (Ardingly) 1st Min Ch & Overall Ch.
Wessex Group Show 1st. Min Ch & Overall Ch.
Sussex Shetland Show. 1st & Ch
2004 Society Breed Show 1st, Min Ch.& Res Sup.
Newbury 1st & Ch.
Pinglewood Puzzle 60pts (B Twining)
Yorkshire Spring 1st & ch
Derby County 1st Min Ch.
Market Bosworth 1st & M&M
Midland Shetland & Native 1st & Overall Ch
All miniature breed show 1st & Overall Ch
Ashby De La Zouche 1st
Breeders Cup............ PARLINGTON

235 points (D Johnston & N Plews)


164 points (K Whitmee)