Pony Breeders of Shetland Association


For the second year the Viking Shetland Pony Show took place at Seafield, Lerwick, and thankfully it was once again blessed with good weather!

Entries were up by 32 on last year, to 297, but unfortunately a number of ponies were not forward on the day. Despite this, most of the 35 classes were well filled and it is especially encouraging to see that so many good young colts and fillies are being retained in the Islands.

This year Karen Nixon from North Yorkshire judged the Performance Ponies, while Jem Roberts, Unst, and Jimmy Wilson, Clackmannanshire, presided over the Standard and Miniature rings.

After much deliberation, the three judges finally named their Champion of the day as Zorti of Berry, a 33.5” chestnut mare, owned and bred by Jim Smith of Scalloway and shown by Eva Smith. This popular winner not only secured the title of Champion but also won trophies for Best Miniature, Best Coloured Pony and Best Island Bred. Reserve Champion was the ridden gelding, Jared of Musselbrough, who one judge said had put in a faultless performance and had been ridden to perfection by Ailidh Risk.
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Unst Show on Saturday the 25th Aug
Judge Mr Graham Milne, Huntly
The show this year took place in Haroldswick on the most northerly island of the British Isles and thankfully the gales the night before subsided for show day. A good entry of ponies was seen in most classes with the eventual winner a home bread stallion. Pictured here is overall champion Clivocast Viking with owner Peter Hunter. Reserve champion and best opposite sex was miniature mare Goldcrest of Brindister owned by the Anderlea stud. Best foal and junior champion was a black miniature filly foal Anderlea Nutmeg. Best broken coloured pony was Clivocast Naomi. The progeny was won by the Moorens Stud ex Clivocast Orion

1. Clivocast Viking – P Hunter
2. Burnside Bandit – D Johnson
3. Moorens Milo – D Johnson

Colt 3 Year:

Colt 2 Years:
1. Hestigarth Flyer - A & M Manson
2. Westpark valdor – A & M Manson

Colt 1 Years:
1. Hermits Rocket – W Spence

Filly 3 Year:
1. Clivovast Vala – P Hunter
2. Foula Image – J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask
3. Klingrahoull Vanda – J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask

Filly 2 Years:
1. Hestigarth Francesca – A & M Manson
2. Moorens Lauren – D Johnson
3. Kylie of Houlland – W Spence

Filly 1 Years:
1. Burnside Sarah – D Johnson
2. Westergarth Tammi – N Johnson
3. Hestigarth Rosita – A & M Manson

Yeld Mare:
1. Loanin Fayrana - J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask
2. Clibberswick Hyola - J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask
3. Coldback Jody – P Hunter

Mare with Foal at Foot:
1. Goldcrest of Brindister – J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask
2. Clivocast Naomi – P Hunter
3. Clibberswick Josette - J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask

Colt Foal:
1. Clivocast Napoleon – P Hunter
2. Grindins Dream Catcher – K Boyce
3. Moorens Ace – D Johnson

Filly Foal:
1. Anderlea Nutmeg – J Roberts, J Anderson & D Leask
2. Genda of Belmont – R Jamieson
3. Fay of Booth – R Mouat

1. Clivocast Samson – L Johnson
2. Butterby Kendal – K Boyes

1. Moorens Ace & Moorens Victor – D Johnson


Supreme Champion: Clivocast Viking
Reserve Supreme: Goldcrest of Brindister
Best Opposite sex: Goldcrest of Brindister
Best Foal: Anderlea Nutmeg
Best Miniature: Goldcrest of Brindister
Broken Coloured Pony: Clivocast Naomi